“In November of 2012, my wife and I purchased a 4,800 sq. ft. cottage on the west side of Burt Lake. The cottage was originally constructed in 1959 with renovations through the years. The cottage was in serious need of update, as well as structural improvements. We hired an architect and a structural engineer to help investigate and determine the scope of work that would be required for a total renovation of the cottage. Part of the construction process was selecting a contractor that we could work closely with and be over 200 miles away from the project.  This renovation was large in scope and had its share of complications. Some of the renovation realities included pouring new foundations inside the space, stripping the entire interior down to the studs, and altering the physical layout which included structural changes for the supporting walls.

For the past 27-years, I have owned a company that provides equipment for new construction and building renovation markets throughout the Midwest for the commercial and industrial building trade. And, I do understand first-hand what level of talent was needed to renovate from the studs to the final finish product. Birchwood Construction could not have been a better contractor for our renovation project.  In fact, Birchwood’s crew and their selected outside trades from electrical, cement, plumbing, and insulation were professional, courteous, and good for their word.”

One essential factor not seen on paper is Ken Provost. Ken was personable and professional, providing the final 10% design look and feel aspects to the project, over and above the architectural drawings to rebuild our cottage as seen today. I would say Ken has become a friend who also brought our design ideas to a higher reality with a custom finish look we enjoy and appreciate to this day.

- Christopher J. Meso